The Rakshabandhan Reimagined

For every girl, her brother is the first true best friend she makes. He is the one with whom she can be herself without fear, share everything & anything, spends countless hours together with safe in the knowledge that he will be the one person who will always stand by her & shield her at all times. Every relationship is distinctively unique in its own way, but there is something amazing about a brother and a sister relation, engrossed with a mixed bag of emotions.

#Sisters4Change is an initiative to put forward a small step to save millions of life & Safeguard this mesmerising bond & ensure that no sister has to be ever deprived of their brother’s love due to lack of basic road safety practices in the country. Sisters effortlessly perform a number of different roles for their brothers & this Rakshabandhan we are encouraging them to take up the role of being a protector for them as well.

The sorrow of losing a brother is indescribable. In India, many sisters are deprived of brother’s love owing to road accidents which are avoidable & severe damages can be avoided with basic protection gear. Not wearing helmets or investing in poor quality helmets comes out to be the cause for 90% deaths in two wheeler road accidents.

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The Initiative

#Sisters4change has turn up with an innovative campaign this rakhi.

A brother is the best friend a girl would want. Rakshabandan a festival where brothers, make a promise for sister’s safety, this year every sister comes forward for a novel cause to help save their brother’s life. With Rakshabandhan around the corner, we plan to reach with this idea to as many people we can. To help save your partner in crime, to continue with those silly fights we urge all the sisters to pledge to present a helmet this Rakshabandhan to their brothers. A brother is a gift; do not let silly mistakes take away your superhero. This Campaign comes up with a serious effort and tries to set up a new trend this Rakshabandhan to safeguard our brother. MP Kavitha Gaaru calls out to all the sisters to be a part of this new change and save millions of lives. This campaign will not only increase in the number of helmet users but will also positively affect road safety adherence. This small change can present a beautiful future.

Join us for the cause today & save lives